Whether your business is B2B or B2C, making sure your parcels get to their destination on time is essential, so it can be very frustrating when your cargo is delayed as a result of a courier service. If you are sending a parcel directly to a customer, it will look good on your business if the parcel arrives with them at a time chosen by themselves NOT by the courier company. The same can be said if you are sending a parcel to another business – it’s important that the consignment arrives within business hours, or else it is delayed for at least another day.

At iCollect, we are committed to delivering your parcels to your customers first time every time, helping you to provide the best service possible.

Working with iCollect can benefit your business in a number of ways:

Every parcel gets delivered FIRST TIME EVERY TIME – No more missed delivery cards for your customers.

Your customer gets to choose the ETA window for their delivery – Your customer can specify the hours that they will be available to receive your parcel.

No more calls about “where is my parcel?” – iCollect will let your customer know when their parcel is available for delivery and allow them to schedule a delivery time.

No more having to chase courier companies about missing parcels – You will be able to log into our system and track the progress of your parcel after its been collected from you.

No more having to leave parcels in “safe places” – The end customer gets to choose the ETA time of their delivery, there will be no need to leave parcels in “safe places” as the customer should be present at the time of the delivery.

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